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[eBook] English Idioms for the TOEFL


English Idioms for the TOEFL, a new Clemmonsdogpark comic book!

Introducing our newest eBook/PDF, ! If you’re a TOEFL student who:

  • is comfortable with the basics of the TOEFL exam
  • has a firm grasp on English
  • wants to boost your speaking score

…then this eBook is for you! Using idioms on the TOEFL is a great way to boost your speaking score. Plus, idioms are just fun, don’t you think? And, they’re even more fun when they’re accompanied by comics. 🙂

In this new resource, we illustrate 30+ English idioms that you can use on the TOEFL. Using idioms on the TOEFL is advanced — and if you use them properly, they can help you raise your score.

Learn idioms and usage with example sentences and comics

In this eBook, we won’t just tell you how to use idioms; we’ll show you. 🙂 The usage of each idiom is explained with a comic strip. We think this makes learning more fun.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and happy studying!