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Book Review: 400 Must-Have Words for the TOEFL

Grade: C- Let’s start with a short list of words that are in this book that you probably won’t see on the TOEFL: animism deify ecclesiastical pious (almost the whole chapter on religion is useless) forensics prognosis divination phantom These are all from just three chapters out of 41 in the book. Some of them […]

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Book Review: Princeton Review’s Essential TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards

Grade: B+ Flashcards are an interesting study tool. On the one hand, they over-simplify vocabulary growth. To really improve your vocabulary, you need to do more than just work through flashcards. You need to see the words in real English texts, hear them in conversation, and actually use the words yourself. Flashcards are just a […]

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Book Review: TOEFL Grammar Guide

Grade: F This review is going to be short, because the problems with this book are so large and so basic, I really don’t need to explain them much. Really, this is just a list of general grammar rules. There is no link to the TOEFL. At no point in the book does the author […]

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