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[eBook] ESL Vocabulary Comics

Introducing our ESL Vocabulary eBook!

Announcement! As of August 1, 2019, the TOEFL Reading, Listening and Speaking sections will be shortened. The TOEFL will also make changes to its prep materials and scoring system. Because of this, some of the info in our blog posts may not yet reflect the new exam format. We cover all the changes here.

TOEFL Vocabulary ComicsIf you’re an ESL student who is trying to improve your English vocabulary, this resource is for you. In this book, we illustrate vocabulary words and definitions with the help of fun comics. This eBook is great for all ESL learners who want to make vocabulary learning more fun. 🙂

And, more specifically, if you’re taking the TOEFL, vocabulary is incredibly helpful for all four sections of the exam (reading, listening, speaking, and writing), so it’s important to study! But sometimes, reading word lists and flipping flashcards gets boring — and if you’re bored, it’s pretty tough to retain what you’ve learned.

In this eBook, we’re going to help you memorize and review vocabulary words with the help of mnemonic devices. To make these words more fun and memorable, these mnemonics will be illustrated with entertaining comics.


Learn words and their definitions with example sentences and comics

We’ll cover words from the following groups: 

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  • Life Science Words
  • Animal Words
  • Financial Words
  • Structure Words
  • Words that Sound the Same
  • School Life Words
  • Spoken English: “Chances Are”
  • Prefixes: Un-, Under-, and Inter-


You can view and download the eBook here. 


Here’s a sample of what you’ll see in this book:



Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading this eBook and learn some new words in the process. And if you enjoy this eBook, don’t forget to check out our TOEFL lessons — we try our best to make studying fun. 🙂 Happy learning!




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