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Listening Resources for Australian English

Announcement! As of August 1, 2019, the TOEFL Reading, Listening and Speaking sections will be shortened. The TOEFL will also make changes to its prep materials and scoring system. Because of this, some of the info in our blog posts may not yet reflect the new exam format. We cover all the changes here.

As I’ve mentioned before, the TOEFL is starting to add audio of non-American native English speaking accents. Last time, we looked at British English. Today, I’m going to show you some good resources for listening to Australian English.

Many students I work with tell me that they find Australian English more challenging than the two international standard Englishes: British and North American English. Australian English is closer to UK English than US, but it does have many distinct pronunciation features that are different from either international standard.

In case you come across Australian accents on your TOEFL exam (or on the campus where you eventually attend school), you need to be prepared. You should test your ability to listen to Australian English by listening to the accent at different levels of difficulty. This post gives you listening practice at the easy, intermediate, and hard levels.

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Easy Australian English Listening:


Intermediate Australian English Listening:


Advanced Australian English Listening:


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