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Listening, Reading, and Writing Practice with “Get”

In my last post, “Do You Get ‘Get’?”, I showed you the 7 different meanings of the word “get.” (This doesn’t include the use of “get” in phrasal verbs, a subject I will cover later.) Below are some activities that can help you master this small but challenging word.

Listening assignment:

Because “get” is a somewhat informal verb, you will come across “get” most often in the spoken English you hear on TOEFL audio tracks. To help you prepare for this, I have recorded myself using “get” in all 7 ways. You can listen to it . How many times do you hear get? Do you understand my use every time? If you have trouble understanding, pause, replay, and look at my earlier “get” post.

Reading assignment:

Below is a transcript of my “get” audio recording. Read it, and again consult my earlier post about “get.” Can you find all seven uses of “get” in the passage? Which uses of “get” occur more than once?

Writing practice:

Try to rewrite my transcript, replacing the instances of get in bold with other words. I have done this myself in this . What changes did you come up with, compared to my version?

“Get” audio transcript:

At the beginning of the summer, I got a very bad virus of some sort. I was very sick. I went to the store to get medicine. I got very frustrated as I found that the medicine didn’t really help me to get better. I couldn’t get why the medicine wasn’t working.

I actually got sicker. I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. I asked my parents to get some medicine for me, and got them to bring it to me. I felt bad for relying on my parents like that, but I’ll get them back when they’re sick.

I got very concerned, but then I got an idea. I remembered that I had gotten some advice from a co-worker. My co-worker had told me that eating a clove of raw garlic every night could protect me from illness. I got myself to the grocery store. Once I got there, I bought two bulbs of garlic. In a few days of eating raw garlic cloves, I got better!


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