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Taking the Praxis this Week? Read This First.

If you are taking the Praxis this week, you are probably feeling the crunch. Don’t worry, the hard part of studying and planning is over! Now you just have to take a deep breath and show that test who’s boss. Check out these Clemmonsdogpark posts for all the last minute information you need if you are taking the Praxis this week.

What You Need to Know About the Praxis

Praxis Essential Information for Test-Takers will take you from what you need to know several months before the test, the week before the test, during the test, and after the test. If you want the big overview, check it out.

What to Bring on Test Day

If you are taking the Praxis this week, you need to know what to bring! Equally important, find out what’s not allowed so you can leave it at home on test day.

Test-taking Advice

These 6 Praxis Test Taking Tips will give you great pointers for test day itself, including strategies for time management and guessing.

How to Guess

Want more information on how and when to guess when you take the Praxis this week? Tips You Can Use for Praxis Core Guessing will tell you everything you need to know!

Praxis Practice

You may be looking for a last-minute online practice test. ETS itself has a lot of good material, but David’s post on your different options for online Praxis practice tests will give you the lowdown on all your choices.

Dealing with Test Anxiety

If you are like a lot of people, you may be pretty nervous if you are taking the Praxis this week. If the nerves or anxiety gets really bad, it can impact your performance on test day. Read up on how to cope with your test-related nerves and remember: you’ve got this! Good luck this week!

By the way, to try out Clemmonsdogpark Praxis Prep!

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