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Praxis Core Reading: Key Idea Practice Questions

Praxis Core Reading tests your ability to identify a passage’s key points in a variety of ways. Key idea questions fall under three categories: main theme, primary purpose, and main idea. Main theme questions are the broadest variety of question. These questions usually open with the words “the passage is primarily concerned with…” This key […]

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10 Praxis Core Reading Tips

Praxis Core Reading measures your fluency and comfort with academic reading at the high school and early college level. The Reading tasks are easier and more straightforward than reading on other graduate exams such as the GMAT, GRE, and LSAT. Still, if you don’t do a lot of spare-time reading or haven’t taken an English […]

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Resources for the Praxis Core Reading Exam

The Praxis Core Reading Test can be rather complex in structure, with all the different kinds of readings and question types. Fortunately, there are many resources that you can use to get prepared for the exam. Resources 1) The current edition of the Praxis Official Guide – this book is a little bit dated, but […]

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Praxis Core Reading: Practice Content Questions

Learn more about the Praxis Core Reading Test and then try your hand at the practice questions below.   Detail question: “Visual language” includes any use of visual images in human communication. This includes ancient cave paintings meant to signify religious and cultural ideas. More contemporary examples include written language and graphic organizers of information, […]

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