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How Important are Praxis Scores?

Many Praxis test-takers wonder, “Just how important are Praxis scores?” The important part of Praxis scores is simply whether or not you passed! Why? Because the Praxis is essentially a pass/fail test. That doesn’t mean it is necessarily easy; it just means that your precise score matters less than if you pass or not.

What is a passing Praxis score?

A passing Praxis score is different for each test and each state. For most states that require the Praxis, passing scores on the Core are as follows:
• Praxis Core Math: 150
• Praxis Core Reading: 156
• Praxis Core Writing: 162

There are a couple of exceptions, so make sure to check out the full state-by-state table of passing scores, which also includes Praxis subject tests.

How important are Praxis scores for the job search?

As long as you pass, Praxis scores aren’t that important for the job search. You need to pass the Praxis test and earn your licensure. If you are in the testing process, a school may ask you about your unofficial scores to make sure you’re on track to earning your licensure. If you do very well on the Praxis (for instance, if you earned a Recognition of Excellence award), it’s worth mentioning that in your cover letter or resume, but it isn’t a big ranking factor for employers. David wrote a great post on how to understand your unofficial Praxis scores. Understanding your scores (and the differences between raw scores, unofficial scores, and official scores) is important if you’re asked about them.

How Important are Praxis Scores? Clemmonsdogpark

I passed. Should I retake the Praxis to get a higher score?

You may remember being in high school and taking standardized tests like the ACT or the SAT. On these tests, there is no “passing” score. You simply score as high as you possibly can before you apply to colleges. For ACT and SAT scores, you are mostly relying on your score to be competitive.

The Praxis is different. You need to pass in order to earn your teaching license. Beyond that, there are limited benefits to having a very high score. It doesn’t hurt, of course, and it can look good on teaching applications. However, there is very little reason to retake a Praxis test that you have already passed. Save yourself the stress, study time, and money. Instead, focus on the job hunt (résumé tips, anyone?) and take time to celebrate your success! You earned it.

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