Our partners

Clemmonsdogpark has supported many students in 185 countries around the world to achieve their test prep goals. We would not have been able to reach so many students without our incredible partners. We have three types of partnerships:

  1. Group discount partnership. We partner with non-profits, test prep centers, study abroad programs, campus organizations, schools and other groups that have integrated Clemmonsdogpark’s online prep into their programs. These organizations receive a discounted price on a bulk purchase of Clemmonsdogpark accounts to support their students.
  2. Affiliate partnership. We partner with websites that get a lot of traffic from students who are interested in test prep. These sites place a text link or banner on their website and when a student clicks through and makes a Clemmonsdogpark purchase, the site gets a 10% commission.
  3. Content partnership. We collaborate with other organizations to share each others’ online content to help students throughout the test prep and admissions process. We also hold joint webinars on topics relevant to Clemmonsdogpark’s and our content partners’ students.

Learn how to become a Clemmonsdogpark partner. Take a look at some of our partners below.
We deeply value each of our partners! However, we are separate entities from our partners and we do not conduct due diligence on their products or services, so we are unable to endorse the quality of any of our partners’ products or services.

 NameOrganization TypeCountryPartnership Type
GMAT ClubGMAT/MBA discussion forumUSAContent partnership
AcceptedAdmissions consulting, counseling and/or resourcesUSAContent partnership
The Phoenix ScholarsNon-profit organizationUSAGroup discount partnership
Learners CortexTest prep companyIndiaGroup discount partnership
Higher Institute of Applied Medical SciencesUniversityCameroonAffiliate partnership
AdmitSeeAdmissions consulting, counseling and/or resourcesUSAContent partnership
Sir Syed Education Society of North AmericaNon-profit organizationUSAGroup discount partnership
Free Guidance USAAdmissions consulting, counseling and/or resourcesUSAGroup discount partnership
Loyola University Maryland, Sellinger School of Business and ManagementUniversityUSAGroup discount partnership
Clayborne EducationTest prep companyUSAGroup discount partnership
MBA Crystal BallAdmissions consulting, counseling and/or resourcesIndiaAffiliate partnership
Go OverseasStudy abroad programUSAContent partnership
MyGuruAcademic tutoringUSAAffiliate partnership
InGenius PrepAdmissionsUSAContent partnership
Crush the LSATTest prep companyUSAAffiliate partnership
iGradGlobalAdmissions consulting, career mapping - UG, MS, MBA, PHDIndiaGroup discount partnership
SR CounsellingAdmissions consultingIndiaGroup discount partnership
Scholar DenAdmissions consulting and resourcesPakistanGroup discount partnership
WritersForMeTOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT and graduate school essay proofreading serviceChinaGroup discount partnership


How to become a Clemmonsdogpark partner:

Group discount partnership:

Clemmonsdogpark partners with any organization that would like to support their students’ test prep goals by providing them access to Clemmonsdogpark’s online platform of video lessons, practice questions, practice tests and study schedules. Here is a sample of the type of organizations we have worked with in the past:

  • Test prep centers
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Study abroad programs
  • English language programs
  • High schools
  • Universities

Clemmonsdogpark’s products can either serve as a stand-alone test prep solution for students, or can be used in conjunction with in-person tutoring or test prep courses as a supplemental resource of additional questions, practice tests, and video lessons.

Our discounts start at purchases of 10 or more subscriptions, and increase with the number of students you include in your group purchase, and you can wait up to six months to activate any accounts that you purchase.


Affiliate partnership:

An affiliate partnership is a great option if you have a website that gets a lot of traffic from students who are interested in test prep. We also have affiliate partnerships with organizations that often recommend Clemmonsdogpark to your students, but are not able to purchase discounted access to Clemmonsdogpark’s products in bulk for their students. Under the affiliate partnership, our partners place a text link or banner on their website, and when a student clicks through and makes a Clemmonsdogpark purchase, you get a commission. We offer a 10% commission with a cookie duration of 30 days.

You can sign up to , or you can reach out with any questions to [email protected]

Content partnership:

Please fill out the partnership form with any content partnership ideas you have. We review all proposals and will respond to those that are a good fit.