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When is the MCAT given?

The MCAT is an important part of the medical school application. Knowing when the MCAT is given and when to take it can be an important factor in getting the best score.   When the MCAT is given The MCAT is offered by the AAMC 20 times for the year 2016. All of the exams are […]

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How is the New MCAT Scored?

The MCAT underwent a major revision in 2015. Along with changing and adding content, the MCAT scoring system also changed. This post will review the basics of how the new MCAT is scored. For a more thorough description of the scoring system, rationale, and interpretation, the AAMC has a lengthy and comprehensive guide.   Why […]

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Average MCAT Scores

Averages are a good way of understanding large amounts of data. Average MCAT scores can be a way of understanding how the number fits into the grand scheme of all applicants and your goals for getting into medical school.   What is the average MCAT score? Surprisingly, this answer depends. AAMC and the MCAT collect massive […]

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What is a Good MCAT Score?

What’s a Good MCAT Score: The Short Answer The application to medical school is composed of many different parts: your MCAT, cumulative GPA, science GPA, extracurricular activities (volunteer, clinical, and research), personal statement, interview, etc. One of the more important parts of the application is the MCAT, an exam created and administered by the AAMC […]

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