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3 Things Your MCAT Results Say about You

Are you worried about applying to medical schools with low stats? The MCAT is one of the determining factors med schools take strongly into account during the admissions process, and it’s one that you should take seriously as well. Why do medical schools care so much about this standardized test? Why should you study hard to ace the MCAT?
Here are three things that your MCAT score says about you as a student and why you should focus as much attention as possible on hitting those high scores.
Your impressive MCAT score tells the adcom…

#1: …that you have the skill and knowledge you need to succeed

Since the MCAT tests the sorts of skills you need to succeed in med school, high scores are a good indication that you’ll do well in the med school classroom. You’ll learn, absorb, and remember what you hear in lectures and read in textbooks, just as you did while preparing and acing the MCAT.

#2: …that you’ll complete your degree on time

Some students begin a degree and take years to finish or never finish at all. Higher MCAT scores are indicative of faster degree completion, which is what medical schools are looking for – they want their students to go out into the medical field and make them proud!

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#3: …that you’ll ace your licensing exam on your first try

Finally, high MCAT scores have been connected to higher grades on licensing exams (USMLE STEP) in the future. As the final and most anticipated test of your entire medical school career, the licensing exam holds tremendous importance, and schools want their students to pass it on the first try. High MCAT scores are good predictors of first time passes.

Now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to ace that MCAT and show your target med schools that you have what it takes to succeed in med school and beyond!

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