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IELTS Podcast (Ep. 16) | Happy English Advice from Michael – How to Improve Your English Fluency and Vocabulary

Clemmonsdogpark IELTS Podcast

Bonus Episode: Happy English Advice from Michael – How to Improve Your English Fluency and Vocabulary

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In this episode, Michael from answers our students’ most pressing English language learning questions.

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IELTS Podcast: Episode 16 Transcript

What are the best ways to improve your English vocabulary?

Read books that are just slightly above your comprehension level and that are interesting to you. You should be able to understand at 60-70% of the vocabulary.

  • series of books

Once you have vocabulary, what do you do with it? How do you remember it?

  • Take the word and write it in a sentence that is true for you. If it’s true for you you’ll remember it more easily.
  • Study those sentences until you know the vocabulary.

How can you be braver when it comes to speaking English?

Think about it like learning how to swim. To learn, you just need to jump right in. The only way to overcome the fear is to do it!

Go out of your way to start conversations. For example, go inside the bank to talk to the staff instead of using the ATM.
You need to use English as often as possible.

How can you improve your English fluency?

Write sentences about things you do every day and speak to yourself out loud as you do these tasks in English. For example, “I am brushing my teeth” then when you go to brush your teeth say to yourself “I am brushing my teeth.”

Out in the world, make observations about things you see and say it out loud in English. For example, if you see two cars you might say “the yellow car is newer than the black car!”

This helps you think in English and it’s called image training.


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