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IELTS Listening Practice: Diagnostic Quiz

So you want to master IELTS Listening. But how close are you to “mastery” right now? Not sure? No worries. Use Clemmonsdogpark’s IELTS Listening Practice Test to get an idea of your current ability. In this IELTS Listening diagnostic you will listen to audio passages and answer questions just as you would on the real IELTS exam. Then, our automatic IELTS Listening Score Calculator will estimate your band level and provide you with an answer key to help you learn where you went right (and wrong)!

How This IELTS Listening Practice Test Works

This quiz contains two passages and 20 questions, and is half the length of an actual IELTS Listening section. Here, we’re using the first and fourth passages and question sets from the Clemmonsdogpark’s full-length free IELTS Practice test.

Passage 1 is always the easiest passage in the section; the fourth and final passage is always the hardest. To account for these differences in difficulty, the first 10 questions in the quiz are worth 40% of the final score. Questions 31-40 are harder, and make up the remaining 60%.

This is just a rough estimate, of course. Be sure to keep practicing to get a clear, consistent idea of your IELTS Listening ability.

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IELTS Listening Score Calculator

Now that you’ve completed our IELTS Listening evaluation, you’re probably wondering how well you performed. Knowing your approximate band level is important for determining your baseline score. That way, when you take another IELTS Listening evaluation you’ll be able to compare your results and figure out how much you’ve improved.

Be sure to check your email to get your band range and quiz results. Keep that email safe—you may even want to retake this IELTS Listening diagnostic at a later date (once you’ve forgotten the questions and answers) and then compare your two sets of results.

IELTS Listening Prep: Your Next Steps

Once you’ve finished the IELTS Listening diagnostic quiz, Clemmonsdogpark has some great additional materials for IELTS Listening prep. Be sure to check out Clemmonsdogpark’s Complete Guide to IELTS Listening. And consider a subscription to

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