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What will you encounter in the IELTS Speaking section? The IELTS Speaking test consists of a short in-person interview. There are three parts to the test: the IELTS speaking topics include speaking about yourself, responding to a topic, and sharing your opinion. You will be evaluated on your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and how well you can communicate in English. Browse our resources to find sample IELTS Speaking questions, tips to improve your score, important phrases, and more.

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The IELTS Speaking test is a quick, but intense in-person interview. In this guide, you'll learn about IELTS speaking topics and how IELTS speaking questions are scored. Plus, you can practice an IELTS speaking sample and try strategies that will maximize your band score on each of the 3 interview sections.

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Do you know what score you'd get in IELTS Speaking if you took the test tomorrow? With this IELTS Speaking Diagnostic Quiz, you will get a better idea of your baseline score. Use the IELTS Speaking score calculator explainer to grade your quiz and estimate your band after you complete the IELTS Speaking practice test.

This post is a contribution from our friends at ABA English. Like it or not, it is well-known that English has become practically indispensable at work. No matter where we work – even if we are preparing to go abroad in search of new professional opportunities or experiences – we cannot get by without English. […]

If you are experiencing anxiety about the IELTS interview, it’s not going to be helpful for me to tell you not to be. We don’t choose anxiety or nervousness over confidence… or do we? Let’s talk about why you may be feeling anxious and some points that’ll help you deal with nervousness in the IELTS oral exam. […]

In any language, real-life conversation differs dramatically from the neat and structured patterns of writing. Your IELTS speaking test reflects the messiness of natural conversation—unanticipated topics, speaking as you think of your response, hesitating, and backtracking. You can’t prepare your answers in advance, but you can equip yourself for success in conversation and the IELTS […]

How important is pronunciation in the IELTS speaking test? You may be surprised to learn that there is a quantifiable answer to this question! Specifically, your pronunciation represents exactly 25% of your potential speaking score, as do three other markable skills: fluency and coherence, lexical resource, and grammatical range and accuracy.