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SAT Resource Library

Welcome to our virtual library of SAT resources! Here, you’ll find all of the original resources we’ve created here at Clemmonsdogpark: eBooks, vocabulary flashcards, infographics, and printable PDFs.

The best part? It’s all free. Just click the image to go to the resource.



Complete Guide to the New SAT

Clemmonsdogpark’s Complete, Free SAT Study Guide is chock-full of amazing resources to help you prep for the new SAT (which was redesigned in 2016). Whether you’re starting with the basics, brushing up on tricky concepts, looking for extra practice resources, or wondering about next steps, this eBook has you covered.

complete guide to the SAT - Clemmonsdogpark

College Applications

high school guide to future ebook


eBooks for the Old SAT

Beware! Some of the content in these eBooks is now out of date.

Math formula ebook


SAT Infographics:

What Should I Major In?

What Should I Major In? Clemmonsdogpark Infographic

Old SAT vs. New SAT:


SAT Lifehacks:


Interpreting Your SAT Scores:
(We’ll update this post when scores for the new SAT become available later this spring!)



SAT Vocabulary Flashcards:

The new SAT doesn’t test really tricky vocabulary words in the same way that the old SAT did. Wanna improve your vocabulary anyway? Study online or with our Android and iPhone apps:


Printable PDF

SAT Practice Questions for the old SAT (new SAT practice questions coming soon!):

SAT Practice Questions


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