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Thomas Broderick

UC SAT Test Date Score Report

Hello fellow California Clemmonsdogparkers! If you’re going to be a high school senior this fall, college admissions season is just around the corner. For a lot of you hailing from the Golden State, that means applying to the . There’s a lot to do between now and then, so I’m here today to make one part of the process a little easier.


UC SAT Test Date Score Report -Clemmonsdogpark

If you get into UC Berkeley, please tell me what this was all about. Thanks.

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Today we’re talking SAT score reports. If you stick with me over the next few paragraphs, we’ll make sure that your SAT scores get to where to where they need to go, and more importantly, on time.

Submitting Score Reports

Okay, so if you’re going to be a high school senior this fall, hopefully you’re studying to retake the SAT. Besides focusing on doing better, you’re probably feeling a little more trepidation than you did preparing to take the SAT the first time. This feeling (I fondly remember it from my high school days) boils down to two questions:

  • Will I do better?
  • Will colleges get my scores on time?

Let’s tackle that second question. If you’re planning on applying to the UC system, there is a clear answer. You need to send your scores by December 2016 to be considered for the fall 2017 incoming class. Wasn’t that easy?

Okay, so let’s see what this requirement means for you. Looking at the , we see that in fall 2016 there are three SAT test dates. For your convenience, I’ve listed them below along with the dates the scores are sent to colleges.

  • October 1st 2016: Sent to colleges beginning Oct. 26th
  • November 5th 2016: Sent to colleges beginning Nov. 28th
  • December 3rd 2016: Sent to colleges beginning Dec. 22nd

No matter which test date you choose, you only need to submit your scores to one of the UCs where you are applying. Yay! Sometimes dealing with a massive government bureaucracy works to your advantage.

Other Tidbits

Though Score Choice is not an option when applying to the UC system, rest assured that the . Though they require you to submit all your SAT scores, they only consider your best effort.

In a nutshell, that means if you take the October, November, and December SATs, the UCs will ‘throw away’ the lowest two scores. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend taking the SATs three times in fall 2016, but it technically is an option.

Final Thoughts

SAT score reports are only one component of a successful college application. As you study for test day this fall, don’t lose sight of everything else going on in your life. There are still classes, extracurricular activities, college essays, and oh yeah, your friends. 🙂

Till next time, Clemmonsdogparkers.

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About Thomas Broderick

Thomas spent four years teaching high school English, social studies, and ACT preparation in Middle Tennessee. Now living in Northern California, he is excited to share his knowledge and experience with Clemmonsdogpark's readers. In his spare time Thomas enjoys writing short fiction and hiking in the Sonoma foothills.

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