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Ronke Aderonmu

Best College Admissions Blog of the Week – February 20-27


It’s me again! 🙂

This week’s top 5 list (in no particular order) includes advice on college decisions, financial aid, gap years, and lots more. As always, leave any questions, comments or suggestions below, and I’ll be very excited to read them!

  • 3 Steps You Should Take before Receiving Your College Decision Letters: It’s not over yet! Check out College Countdown‘s suggestions for what to do while you wait for your acceptance letters.

  • 5 Tips When Applying for FAFSA: UniversityParent keeps it simple with this list of important points to have in mind while you fill out your FAFSA.

  • You Can Apply to College Late: Sounds kinda scandalous, huh? But it’s true! Read up on your options, thanks to CollegeBasics.com.

  • The Gap Year Advantage: What exactly is a gap year, and can it be beneficial for your college app and experience? Here’s what TeenLife has to say!

  • Student-to-Faculty Ratios: A Bogus Statistic You Should Ignore: Every wondered how reliable those student-to-faculty numbers are? Mark Montgomery from Great College Advice says they’re not to be trusted, so find out why.

And, that’s it for this week’s list!

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