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Category: Redesigned SAT

Rachel Kapelke-Dale

Your Complete, Free SAT Study Guide (eBook)

Looking for that perfect SAT study guide? Our Clemmonsdogpark experts have put together the best FREE SAT info you need to succeed on test day!

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Thomas Broderick

Old SAT to New SAT Math Score Conversions

The new SAT means that there’s also a new scoring system. See the old SAT to new SAT Math score comparisons in this handy-dandy chart!

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Minh Nguyen

New SAT Math Study Guide

This week, we will be going over the 4 topics that the SAT test makers have broken down the New SAT math section into.

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Chris Lele

New SAT Video: Quadratic Formula

The new SAT will ask students to use the quadratic formula. This means you must memorize it. Watch the video for everything you need to know about the quadratic formula!

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Elizabeth Peterson

The New SAT: A New Type of Reading Question

The New SAT Reading will include some new types of questions, called Command of Evidence questions. Here’s a look at them!

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Chris Lele

What Do YOU Think of the New SAT?

Are you taking the March 5 SAT? Or just plain thinking about it? We want your thoughts! Tell us how you are REALLY feeling about the New SAT this week.

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Jon Chang

How to Conquer the New SAT Essay

Be prepared for the SAT essay by understanding why it’s changing and learn a few tips to get you a perfect score.

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Kristin Fracchia

Are You Taking the New SAT on Saturday?

The first administration of the new SAT is this Saturday, March 5, 2016. Are you ready for the test? Check out the list of last minute new SAT tips to make sure.

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Chris Lele

Top Strategies for New SAT Math

Check out this video for expert top tips on the best way to prepare for NEW SAT math.

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Matthew Larriva

When to Take the SAT: The First-Mover Advantage

Although much has been written comparing and contrasting the New and Old SAT, the New SAT and the ACT, and every other conceivable combination, there’s been relatively little discussion of the behind-the-scenes repercussions of having a brand new test.

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