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Beth Gonzales

What Are Good APUSH Scores?


What Are Good APUSH Scores?

APUSH scores show how well you did on the AP US History exam. They are also an indication of your academic level in a college-level AP course. Good APUSH scores can earn you college credits or a free pass out of an equivalent college course.

Understanding APUSH scores

Your APUSH score is a combination of scores from all sections of the exam. This means multiple choice, short answer and free response section scores comprise your total end result. Section scores are not weighted equally. For example, the multiple choice section represents 40% of your overall APUSH score, while the long essay is only 15%!
Your exam scores indicate your knowledge of AP US History at the level of a college course. Think of your APUSH score not so much as a number or grade, but more so as a demonstration of subject mastery. You can’t receive a 92% or A+ on your AP exam. However, with the right score, you can receive college course credits.

What are good APUSH scores?

APUSH scores exams on a scale of 1 to 5. The better your performance on the test, the higher your score. Scores ranking “qualified” or above reflect skills that prove overall academic success in the subject of AP US History.

    5: this highest score means you are extremely well qualified to receive college credit
    4: students who score in this range are well qualified for college credit
    3: this score indicates you are qualified
    2: this score means you are possibly qualified
    1:if you score at this level, there is no recommendation for college credit

For most, a score of 3 or above is sufficient for college credit and placement. More competitive colleges may only give credit for a 4 or higher. Since every college or university is different, we highly recommend that you research your institution for the most up-to-date AP credit policy information.

You got a good APUSH score, now what?

After you take your exam, your APUSH score is sent to whichever college or university you indicated on your answer sheet. Unless you request certain exam scores to be withheld, AP scores from every AP exam you have ever taken will be forwarded to the college of your choice.
Did you know it is possible to earn AP awards for good APUSH scores? AP Scholar awards are available to students who demonstrate significant academic achievement on their AP exams. Recipients can view and print their certificate online. Sorry, there is no monetary prize that accompanies the award 🙁 However, your award is featured on your AP score report, which means colleges and universities can see your accomplishment!

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