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Beth Gonzales

3 APUSH Quizzes to Help You Study Smarter


3 APUSH Quizzes to Help You Study Smarter

If you are looking for an easy way to review a wide range of content in a short amount of time, try an online quiz. With content ranging from the Gilded Age to the Jacksonian Era, online quizzes can exhaust your APUSH knowledge and help you prep for your upcoming exam.

How APUSH quizzes help you study smarter

APUSH quizzes are the perfect way to study smarter:

  • Study in 30 min. or less. Research shows that the brain’s optimal recall time is 25-30 minutes long. APUSH quizzes are the perfect option for a short study session. You can quiz multiple times a day without ever needing a large chunk of time to do so.
  • Study anywhere. If you can connect to WiFi, you can take an APUSH quiz. Have a short break between classes? Waiting for a friend who is running late? Hop online and use that time to your advantage.
  • Study both facts and concepts. Quizzes cover such an extensive array of material, you can tailor APUSH quizzes to your specific study needs. If you need more help with the Roaring 20s, the Cold War or the Great Depression, you can find a quiz for that.

Our favorite APUSH Quizzes to help you study smarter

Our favorite APUSH quizzes all feature free accounts as well as pre-made data sets so you can start studying right away. Check out our list, then search for some of your own. The most successful study plan is designed around what works best for you. So experiment, try out a few quizzes and see which ones you prefer!

Study from one of the 40+ APUSH quizzes already available, or make one of your own for review. works much like Jeopardy: choose a category and amount, click to reveal the question, then click once more to reveal the answer. Tracking the categories you struggle with can help you monitor which areas you need to study more!


Quizlet offers a variety of ways to practice using the same information. For each study set, you can choose to take an APUSH quiz, study using flashcards or match concept/vocab terms. You don’t even have to spend time creating your own sets; there are over 50+ available. Each question comes with a full explanation of the correct answer. Like many online sites, registration is free, but you do have to become a member to access all the options Quizlet has to offer.


Who knew that Sporcle had APUSH quizzes? Although you can take a quiz without registering, in order to track your score or create your own quiz, you have to create a free account. Search for “APUSH” to find over 142 results, “AP US History” gets another 9. Lots of information to choose from! Quizzes come with options such as timers, score tracking and varying quiz formats.

Keep studying!

Remember how you study is just as important as what you study. Set a goal of 25-30 minutes, 2-3x a week to prepare for your APUSH exam. Don’t forget to study smarter by taking some online APUSH quizzes!

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