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About the SAT

About the SAT

SAT Basics

The SAT is an exam that universities use to assess a student’s college readiness. Originally called the “Scholastic Aptitude Test,” the SAT is made by a company called The College Board to make your high school life miserable. (I’m just kidding – that’s not true. I just wanted to see if you were still awake. Though sometimes it feels like the truth…)

The SAT is, in fact, a very learnable test. Knowing the format of the exam, and some strategies to tackle its favorite types of questions, can help you improve your score and get on your way to your dream college.

As many of you know, the SAT exam is changing in March of 2016. The Redesigned SAT will be very different than the current version of the exam, but will still be accepted by all of the universities who currently require SAT scores.

Here’s a little bit about the old format of the SAT compared to the format of the new SAT:

Category Old SAT (Pre-March 2016) New SAT (Post-March 2016)
Exam Length 3 hours and 45 minutes 3 hours (+ 50 minutes for optional Essay)
Sections 1. Critical Reading 1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  2. Writing – Reading Test
  3. Math – Writing and Language Test
  4. Essay 2. Math
  Done! 3. Essay (optional)
Essay Required (25 minutes) Optional (50 minutes)
Score 600 – 2400 400 – 1600
Subscoring None Subscores given for every test


Everything you need to know about the SAT

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About the SAT


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