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Affect vs. Effect

Affect is usually a verb meaning “to influence.” Example: Fortunately, Kylie’s sore ankle did not affect her performance in the game. Effect is usually a noun that “indicates or achieves a result.” Effect is also sometimes used as a transitive verb meaning “to bring into existence,” but it is generally not used in this way […]

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GRE Math Strategies Part IV of VI: Logical Deduction

If the Textbook approach is the formal method of solving math problems, Logical Deduction could be called the informal approach. This strategy relies on careful reading, insight, and common sense. Example #1: Six beads, each a different color, are put into a bag. How many different three-color combinations are possible if 3 beads are drawn […]

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Accept vs. Except

Accept is a verb that means “to agree to receive something.” Example: I could not pay for my purchases with a credit card because the store would only accept cash. Except is either a preposition that means “other than, or but,” or a verb meaning “to omit or leave out.” Example: Except for a B+ […]

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GRE Math Strategies Part III of VI: Illustration

The Illustration approach involves choosing workable numbers that substitute into the question rather than using the given answer choices as with the Plug In strategy. Illustration works best when the question provides some numerical information (like percentages) but doesn’t supply you with absolute values. Example #1: At a public housing conference 15 percent of the […]

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GRE Math Strategies Part II of VI: Plug In (Substitution) Method

The correct answer to a math question is always among the five answer choices. So, for problems with simple equations or answers, it is often quick and easy to substitute each answer choice into the question (the mathematical expression or narrative) and see which one works. This strategy works best when a symbolic expression (like […]

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GRE Math Strategies Part I of VI: The Textbook Approach

The Textbook Approach can be described best as the way your favorite math teacher would solve the problem. Many problems on the Math sections of the GRE can be solved using some form of formal mathematical operations and equations. For questions demanding knowledge of algebraic rules (like the problem below), the Textbook Approach may be […]

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