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Internships: How to make yours resume-worthy

This post is a contribution from our friends at Network As a current college student, the thought of proactively reaching out to seasoned professionals can be daunting. However, so much of professional success isn’t about your credentials or even your experience – it’s who you know. Comb through the profiles of colleagues on LinkedIn […]

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5 More Books to Read Before Grad School

You’re fine-tuning your personal statement, you’re studying for the GRE (hopefully with some help from Clemmonsdogpark), and you’re ticking down the list of boxes on that “grad school prep” checklist. Well, add another to-do to the list – recommended reading. With an eye toward your future of being a grad school taskmaster, we here at […]

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One Week GRE Study Plan

Update: This “how to study for the GRE in one week” study schedule is now available in a redesigned, printable version! Before you begin, check out some strategies for making the most of your study schedule. So, you’ve procrastinated, or have maybe just learned that you have to take the test, because the program you […]

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How Long Should I Study for the GRE? (with bonus quiz)

How long you should study for the GRE is an important consideration. However, there is no one simple answer. Maybe you’re a quantum physicist with a penchant for vocab who enjoys spending your time solving really convoluted math problems (while penning purple poetry). If that’s you, then you could cram for the GRE by whipping through the ETS Official […]

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