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Analogies: Visible Improvement is to Accomplishment…

I spent the morning doing a couple of analogies exercises from Barron’s. After having read the strategies from Barron’s and Princeton Review, I figured it was time for me to do some practice. However I found it weird how PR doesn’t have as many practice sections as Barron’s… Today’s practice was relaxing. And surprisingly enough, […]

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Flashcards, Wherever You Go

On Friday I spent the morning making flashcards from the Barron’s word list. I’ll say this time and again: if you really want to sound smart, memorizing the Barron’s word list wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Sometimes in my studying phase the words just slip out, like whenever I comment on someone’s effrontery* […]

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Preparing Part 3: Learning About the GRE

My books and I are having a little honeymoon phase right now. They’re so crisply new and shiny and just sitting there on my table that sometimes I get the urge to pick them up and flip through their untrammeled recycled pages. But really now I guess it’s probably time I should actually look at […]

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And So It Begins… (An Introduction)

Hello, my name is Trisha. I’m a 20 year-old, third-year English major at UC Berkeley in love with the world. I have a lot of interests, including knitting, reading, baking, kazooing, etc. etc. etc. Over the summer I’d really like to start hiking, exercising, eating healthy, and basically enjoying the good company of friends. And […]

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