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Math mistakes I make (frequently)

On previous posts, I’ve alluded to “dumb” math mistakes. Today’s practicing reminded me of them, again. I’m pretty sure the following one is my favorite so far: Context: Barron’s review section on polynomials, Question #5: c^2 + d^2 = 4 & (c-d)^2 = 2.  After successfully factoring out and manipulating my equations, I had: -2cd […]

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Cool Vocab Sites to Study for the GRE

Today’s study session was replaced with an hour of mildly-pleasing computer games! It’s funny whenever people ask me how I spend my entertainment time–I don’t really like to go to the movies or watch tv, or play WoW like some people I know. In fact in terms of games I have a specific memory of […]

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Antonyms, Not So Fast

So a few days ago I finished the analogies section in Barron’s. All’s well that ends well–I want to check out my Princeton Review book for more exercises because, frankly, it’s really nice to take practice portions of the GRE and do well. Antonyms, however, are quite different. Scores from Barron’s (out of 4 exercises, […]

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