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GRE Vocab Goes XXX

Yes, the title is tongue-in-cheek. But there will definitely be ‘x’ words on the GRE – and by that I mean ‘ex’ words. These vocab beasts have long been the bane of many a student, as many blur into one word. The key is not just learning the definition but coming up with an effective […]

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GRE Eponyms

An eponym is any word that is derived from a person’s name. In the past, I’ve mentioned how English is the most promiscuous of languages, absorbing languages as unrelated as Sanskrit and Finnish into its bulging lexicon. By extension, I’ve also mentioned how relying on Latin/Greek roots can oftentimes cripple your word detective skills. Thwarting […]

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GRE Vocab List: Religious Words

It’s not Sunday – but it is church day, at least as far as vocabulary is concerned. Below are words relating to the church or religion. A few of the words – such a cardinal – have a secondary definition that, while derived from the original church-based definition, is different enough from the original to […]

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GRE Vocabulary: Around the Globe in Five Words

English is truly the global mutt of languages. Indeed, centuries of colonization and commerce has had the curious effect of both making English the global language and swelling the pages of English dictionaries with such loanwords as sauna and safari. (Sauna comes by way of Finland; safari comes via African-rooted Arabic and, somewhat inexplicably, means […]

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Tricky GRE Words

The following GRE vocabulary words all have common definitions, but they’re tricky because they also have some not-so-common definitions. The Revised GRE cares about the latter, of course. Make sure you know the second definition of these words. Better yet, feel free to pepper (second definition) your conversation with these words.   Stem To stem […]

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GRE Vocabulary: Animal Mnemonics

Many of us associate certain tendencies with animals. Cats are independent and aloof; dogs are loyal and loving. Owls apparently are wise, and elephants…well, they’re just big. Certain animals have actually changed into verbs (not literally, of course). Below are a few such vocabulary words that you should definitely know for the GRE.   Badger […]

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New GRE Vocabulary Lists

Update 3/4/2013: Interested in  the trends for this year? Read GRE vocabulary for 2013! Also don’t forget to check out our free GRE flashcards! Or, for a full list of the most popular vocabulary words, check out our GRE Vocabulary eBook. Today I’m going to answer the question, “What’s the best way to use a vocabulary word […]

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