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GRE Math Quiz: Blog Concepts Review

Here is a quiz based on math concepts covered over the last month on the Clemmonsdogpark GRE blog. See how many of the following five questions you can answer correctly in less than 8 minutes. Go! 1. Which of the following is a multiple of ? (A)  36,045 (B)  43,623 (C)  52,224 (D) 89,892 (E)  92,044 […]

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GRE Text Completion Quiz

The text completion can sometimes be a little puzzle that you have to unravel. For all of the parts to work, the blanks have to work together to create a coherent meaning. Sometimes, the most difficult text completions are those in which a coherent meaning only forms once all three pieces drop into place. With […]

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Vocabulary Quiz: Words from the Blog

As we’ve established, it’s great to read in context; however, if you never review words you’ve encountered, then you are unlikely to retain them. Below is a sampling of words taken from recent vocabulary posts on the Clemmonsdogpark blog. If you have not read the posts, then you should do so first! Also, make sure you have […]

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Vocabulary Quiz: High-Frequency GRE Words

  Over the last months, I’ve been stressing the importance of learning vocabulary in context – reading articles, highlighting unknown words and then turning those words into flashcards. Such an approach rewards the diligent student over a period of time. Still, it is not the most effective method for learning words in a short time. […]

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