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GRE Math Quiz: Blog Concepts Review

Here is a quiz based on math concepts covered over the last month on the Clemmonsdogpark GRE blog. See how many of the following five questions you can answer correctly in less than 8 minutes. Go! 1. Which of the following is a multiple of ? (A)  36,045 (B)  43,623 (C)  52,224 (D) 89,892 (E)  92,044 […]

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GRE Math Review Quiz: Plugging In

I’ve compiled 7 practice problems (some old, some more recent) from math posts on our blog that are great practice for using the “plugging in” strategy.  If you’re already familiar with the approach, test yourself with these problems to review the strategy– it’s a method you’ll definitely be able to use for several different question […]

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