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GRE Math Work Rate: Practice Question of the Week #29 Answer

Here are the answer and explanation to yesterday’s practice question. Thanks for sending in all of your answers! The answer: ​​ Explanation: METHOD ONE: Algebraic approach This approach to this question involves some tricky algebra. Pump A works at a rate of 1/A and pump B, at a rate of 1/B (these rates are given […]

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GRE Math Work Rate: Practice Question of the Week #29

Here’s this week’s practice question– we’ll be posting the answer and explanation tomorrow, good luck! Pump A can empty a pool in A minutes, and pump B can empty the same pool in B minutes. Pump A begins emptying the pool for 1 minute before pump B joins. Beginning from the time pump A starts, […]

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GRE Math Formulas: How to (Not) Use Them

I’m not actually a fan of formulas. Instead, I encourage students to think critically about how formulas are derived. That way, these students are able to have a stronger intuitive sense of the way the math behind the formula works. For instance, say you have a 30-60-90 triangle. Many students falter because they always mix […]

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GRE Work Rate Problems

Work rate problems sometimes cause more anxiety than they need to. First off, work rates aren’t that common. Often, you can take an entire GRE math section without seeing a single work rate problem. Even if you see a work rate problem, by following a simple formula, you should be able to get most of […]

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