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GRE Coordinate Geometry Practice Question of the Week #35

Here’s this week’s practice question– good luck, we’ll be posting the answer and explanation tomorrow afternoon. Hint: draw a diagram! The points A(0, 0), B(0, 4a – 5) and C(2a + 1, 2a + 6) form a triangle. If , what is the area of triangle ABC? 102 120 132 144 256 Update: Answer and […]

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GRE Math Formulas: How to (Not) Use Them

I’m not actually a fan of formulas. Instead, I encourage students to think critically about how formulas are derived. That way, these students are able to have a stronger intuitive sense of the way the math behind the formula works. For instance, say you have a 30-60-90 triangle. Many students falter because they always mix […]

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New GRE Numeric Entry: Practice Question of the Week #11

This is one of the new question types for the quantitative section, where you type in your answer into a box on the screen. No choices to plug in or guess from makes this problem type a little tougher than multiple choice. We’ll post the answer and explanation for this question tomorrow, along with a […]

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