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How Many Geometry Questions are on the GRE?

For the GRE Quant, you definitely need to know your geometry. But just how much should you be fretting about triangles, circles, and the like? Well don’t expect half of the questions in the math section to be geometry based. The real number is a little less than ten out of forty – though, depending […]

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QC “Who Cut the Cheese” GRE Challenge Question

This one is a real toughie. It is probably more difficult than any quantitative comparison question you’ll see test day. See if you can crack it under 3 minutes. A cube of cheese is 3-inches high. The cheese is sliced twice. Column A Column B Resulting surface area of all the slices of cheese 90 […]

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GRE Geometry Diagram Assumptions

What can you assume on GRE geometry diagrams, and what can’t you assume?  First, here are a couple of practice questions. 1) Quadrilateral ABCD is a rectangle. 2)   What you can’t assume on GRE geometry problems The biggie is: no diagram is drawn to scale.  That means — if nothing is specified about the […]

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