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Archive | GRE Geometry

Diagonals of a Polygon in GRE Geometry

Students love to skip over the basics, asking questions like: How many vertices does an octagon have? How many diagonals does an octagon have? What’s the difference between a regular octagon and, well, an octagon? And GRE geometry does delve into some complex polygon math. But before we get to that, I will begin with […]

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GRE Geometry Formulas

Perhaps you recall with more than a little dread your high school geometry class: fifteen-step proofs and the law of cosines were two things you were certain you’d never see again. Well, if you are taking the GRE, you were by no means mistaken—proofs and indeed all of trig are nowhere to be found on […]

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Special Quadrilaterals on the GRE

Today, we’ll cover special quadrilaterals and the facts that you should know. These will allow you to answer questions quickly and understand the basic nature of these shapes.   1) A Typical Parallelogram All parallelograms have the BIG FOUR properties: 1. Opposite sides are parallel—AB // CD, AD // BC 2. Opposite angles are congruent—∠BAD […]

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GRE Geometry Diagram Assumptions

What can you assume on GRE geometry diagrams, and what can’t you assume?  First, here are a couple of practice questions. 1) Quadrilateral ABCD is a rectangle. 2)   What you can’t assume on GRE geometry problems The biggie is: no diagram is drawn to scale.  That means — if nothing is specified about the […]

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GRE Coordinate Geometry Shortcut: No Graphs!

For many, coordinate geometry is already a daunting concept. When a question dispenses with the graph all together, students can feel even more at a loss. If you fall into this group, do not despair. Here is a helpful guideline:   Do Not Always Draw the Graph This advice may seem counterintuitive. After all, the […]

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Will there be Parabolas on the GRE?

Probably not. Meaning that parabolas can show up on the GRE, but probably won’t show up on the GRE you are taking. That is my initial take based on forums and students experiences. Still, parabolas, along with absolute value graphs, are included in the Practicing to Take the Revised GRE book. ETS obviously didn’t put […]

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