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GRE Academic Structures

In both the GRE Reading Comprehension passages and the Text Completions, certain phrases may show up that can give a sentence a spin. If you are not familiar with these phrases, your head is likely to spin. Take a look at the following two sentences. He was ________ , always giving to those in need. […]

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Explanation to Advanced Triple Blank Text Completion

This Advanced Triple Blank Text Completion was one of the toughest Text Completions we’ve created at Clemmonsdogpark — at least according to the content team. There are convoluted sentence structures, tantalizing (and diabolical!) distractors, nebulous phrases, and tough vocabulary. Realistically, it’s the type of question that if you see on the GRE you can probably […]

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The GRE Advanced Triple Blank Text Completion

Wading Through Verbiage To become skilled at Text Completions, you need to learn vocabulary, become comfortable with complex sentence structure, and apply helpful techniques, such as trying to come up with your own word. If you follow the above, you will likely get to the more difficult section, assuming you do well on the Reading […]

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GRE Text Completions – It’s Not Always About the Vocab

When prepping for the GRE, it is easy to get carried away in learning big-sounding words, such as apotheosis and portentous, forgetting that success on Text Completions is dependent on your ability to understand the context of a sentence. Oftentimes, the answer-choices themselves are not these big—portentous—sounding words, but relatively straightforward words that, when you […]

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Text Completion Challenge Answers

These are the explanations from last week’s Text Completion Challenge. Explanations: Easy 1. I must admit that this is quite a toughie for an easy question (it’s probably more of a medium-level question). The clue word here is deleterious, which means harmful. The contrast in the sentence is from the seemingly __________….actually… Therefore, the blank […]

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Text Completion Challenge

Text Completions are notoriously difficult—that’s even if you know all the words in the answer choices. Beyond vocabulary, you will need a lot of practice with this question type. Below are eight questions to help you gauge where you stand, as far as Text Completions. To really get the most out of this challenge, you […]

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I Am Terrible at GRE Verbal – Help!

This is a common refrain from those who attempt the GRE verbal section for the first time. After all, seeing difficult words, twisted syntax, and dense passages on abstruse topics can make even avid readers tense up. If you typically do not care much for reading and/or have been out of college for a while, […]

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GRE Verbal Sections: Question Type Breakdown

The questions on the GRE are broken down in a specific format. In order to do your best, it is important to know how to navigate through the different question types in order to max your score. So let’s start with the beginning of a verbal section and work our way towards the end (the […]

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How to “Read in Context” for the GRE

Words are elusive, chimerical creatures. They shift connotations depending on the situation, rearing their heads in surprising contexts. A dictionary, or denotative definition, can become all but useless. So it’s no surprise that any attempts to cage the semantic beast in the static, one dimensionality of a flashcard will be doomed. What does this all […]

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