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How to Improve GRE Reading Comprehension

GRE Reading Comprehension is probably the most difficult section to improve in. Even when progress occurs, it happens slowly. Many become understandably discouraged. After all, there are few sections in which you can feel flustered and perplexed even after reading the explanation. Perhaps my number one piece of advice on this matter: Don’t give up. […]

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Active Reading Strategies for the GRE

Read the following passage and then we’ll talk: Once American men returned from the WWII battlefields, they quickly displaced the women who had temporarily filled jobs otherwise reserved for men. With most women reverting to their domestic role, the dramatic increase in the number of infants born is perhaps not too surprising. Yet, such factors […]

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Shift Words and Phrases on the GRE

Doing well on the GRE verbal means being able to notice the flow of logic in a paragraph. The text is dense and the ideas expressed are complex and nuanced, so it is easy to miss what the passage is trying to communicate. By paying attention to several key words, which I call “shift words”, […]

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GRE Academic Structures

In both the GRE Reading Comprehension passages and the Text Completions, certain phrases may show up that can give a sentence a spin. If you are not familiar with these phrases, your head is likely to spin. Take a look at the following two sentences. He was ________ , always giving to those in need. […]

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Pacing on GRE Reading Comprehension (RC)

“I could get them all right, if I had unlimited time…” is a common refrain I hear from those struggling with pacing on the RC. While such reasoning may not be entirely valid, as the questions themselves can be quite devious, and the passages…well dry, dense, and esoteric are just the beginning of it…having 45 […]

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The Importance of Reading for the GRE

We’ve exalted the benefits of reading many, many times on this blog, as it’s truly one of the best ways to improve your verbal score. Reading helps build your vocabulary. It teaches you how to use words in context. It introduces you to complex sentence structures and improves your comprehension. Dare I say, it makes […]

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