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Archive | GRE Math Tips

How to Study GRE Math

So you’ve bought a few of the major test prep books, and you’re ready to rip into the quantitative part. You’ll read through each book, page by page, and by the end, GRE math mastery will be yours. If only! Studying for GRE quant is actually much more complicated than the above. Indeed many become […]

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Help! I’m Terrible at GRE Math!

This is the sister post to I’m Terrible at GRE Verbal! Help! 🙂 Sometimes we all need a little GRE math help. It usually doesn’t take more than the first session for a new student/tutee to look over me and confide sheepishly, “I need help with GRE math. I’m so bad at it!” Mind you, I […]

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How to Do GRE Math Faster

Practice Question Solve this question.  Allot yourself a strict 1.5 minute time limit. 1) In the figure, ABCD is a square, and all the dots are evenly spaced: each vertical or horizontal distance between two adjacent dots is 3 units.  Find the area of the shaded region. 60 72 81 96 120 An explanation will […]

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Identify Your Weak Points in GRE Math

The GRE math can be tricky but unlike the GMAT, in which questions can be fiendishly convoluted, the GRE still rewards fundamentals. If you have a solid grounding in all of the fundamentals—that’s right, no weak areas but an across the board sturdy grasp of any concepts that can pop up test day—you have a […]

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Pacing on the GRE Math Sections

The GRE math sections each contain 20 questions. You are given 35 minutes for each section, which works out to 1:45 seconds per question. Below are some helpful tips to help you wisely use these 35 minutes.   Go for the low-hanging fruit Each question in the GRE quantitative section is worth the same number […]

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How to Improve Your GRE Math Score

Learn the Fundamentals This may seem obvious – but you need to have a strong grasp of basics such as exponents, triangle properties, an integers before even attempting to take the test. But even a shaky grasp of the fundamentals can slow you down. Make sure you are confident with the basics. However, there is […]

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