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Mean, Median and Mode on the GRE

Over the last six months, I’ve gone through quite a few Revised GRE prep books. One thing I’ve noticed missing is difficult questions relating to mean, median, and mode. Sure, most books describe how to find the average, and what the difference between the mean and the median. Many already know the above, but mean, […]

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How to Approach Complicated Math Problems

Every GRE test is going to have a few math questions that are very difficult. Upon seeing them, you may become completely flustered and believe that there is no way you are able to solve such a question. Oftentimes this is not the case. Rather, you fall into any number of traps that prevent you […]

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GRE Math Multi-subject Challenge Question

Once in a while it is fun to take a concept in an official GRE question and run with it. The question below is inspired by a question from the 2nd edition Official Guide. That is not to say it is that similar; I have only extracted a couple of concepts from that problem. I’ve […]

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GRE Perfect Math Score Challenge

The Revised GRE is a long, grueling test. To get a perfect score on the quantitative section (a 170) you will not only have to answer the difficult questions correctly, but you will also have to answer all of the easy ones. Nonetheless, I’ve focused on the difficult questions for the 170-challenge. I can’t promise […]

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GRE Data Interpretation Strategies

Helpful Tips for the GRE Data Interpretation Section If I had to count the number of questions/concerns regarding combinations or permutations, I’d have to use some pretty mighty factorials to do so. On the other hand, if I had to count the number of times students have expressed the same misgivings regarding Data Interpretation, I’d […]

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Compound Interest vs. Simple Interest on the GRE

For some this is the most “interest”ing concept on the Revised GRE (at least for those with a fondness for bad puns). For most, compound vs simple section can be a nuisance. Many think, what is the difference between the two, and/or how did that formula go again? But remember, this concept involves money, and […]

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GRE Exponents: Practice Question Set

Each of the math questions below is directly inspired by a question in the on-line Revised GRE test. I’ve provided an easier version of the question (#1) and a more difficult version of the question (#2). My recommendation is to try the easier version first. Then, if you answer it correctly, click on the link, […]

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Systems of Equations on the GRE

The Power of Elimination How would you solve the system of linear equations below?                    x – y = 5                    2x + y = 13 There are two primary approaches for solving systems of linear equations: 1)   Substitution Method 2)   Elimination Method   The Substitution Method With this method, we take one of the […]

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Three GRE Challenge Combinations and Permutations Problems

These challenge questions are great for extra practice. However, be warned: while I provide the answers, I don’t provide the explanations. If you’d like to try practice problems with explanations, check out Clemmonsdogpark’s 15 GRE math practice problems and my biweekly Brain Twisters! Over the last few weeks, I have gone through GRE combinations and […]

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Strategies for Difficult GRE Questions

Below is a challenging GRE question. However, instead of just having you take a blind hack at it, I want to provide a little bit of context. First off, if you sense that a question is very difficult on the test – be it a verbal or quantitative one – then skip it. Because the […]

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