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GRE Math – Exponent Challenge

A relatively common exponent question on the GRE will ask you to figure out the units digit of some number raised to an exponent, which usually results in a number roughly equivalent to the number of grains of sand in the Sahara, and thus out of reach of the GRE calculator. Take a look at […]

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GRE Exponents: Practice Question Set

Each of the math questions below is directly inspired by a question in the on-line Revised GRE test. I’ve provided an easier version of the question (#1) and a more difficult version of the question (#2). My recommendation is to try the easier version first. Then, if you answer it correctly, click on the link, […]

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GRE Math Video Lessons: Exponents

Exponents are troublesome; fortunately, they do not need to be. What I plan to do in this series is show you the basics, so that you can move confidently through the intermediate level, and even the advanced level. I’ve created three lessons, corresponding to basic, medium, and advanced. You can watch them here: Exponents Level 1 […]

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Math Basics: Exponents

One thing is certain on test day – you will see exponents. Another thing is also certain – those exponent problems will be meant to trick you. So, know your exponent properties, but also be aware that knowing the fundamentals alone won’t guarantee success. Tread carefully, and check your work. You should be able to answer most […]

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GRE Math Basics – Exponents

The Dreaded Exponent Exponents have long been the bane of many students. And that should come as no surprise—after all, there are negative exponents, fractions as exponents, and the terrible sounding exponents of exponents. Feeling comfortable with exponents in all their various (and nefarious) guises will definitely help you test day. But, for right now, […]

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