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Proportions on the GRE

Proportions are extremely common on the GRE. If you don’t have a strong grasp of them, and you are busy trying to figure out combinations/permutations or probability, stop. Focus your attention on mastering proportions before moving on to more tertiary concepts. So let’s start basic. Proportions can be broken up into two groups: direct proportions […]

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GRE Math: Absolute Values

On average you will see at least one question on the Revised GRE dealing with absolute values. You may even see a few. Yet, absolute value gets lost in the prep fray amongst the more popular concepts. So if you don’t want this relatively innocuous concept to surprise you test day read on.   What […]

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GRE Math Basics: Quick Tips

Prime numbers 2 is the smallest prime number 2 is the only prime even number 1 is not a prime 3, 5, 7 are the only three consecutive odd integers that are each a prime.   Digits In the integer 5,432, 5 is the thousands digit, 4 is the hundreds digit, 3 is the tens […]

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Math Basics: Exponents

One thing is certain on test day – you will see exponents. Another thing is also certain – those exponent problems will be meant to trick you. So, know your exponent properties, but also be aware that knowing the fundamentals alone won’t guarantee success. Tread carefully, and check your work. You should be able to answer most […]

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GRE Math Tips – Getting Rid of Your x’s and y’s

The GRE Math section is full of problem solving questions, which test exactly the way you do that—solve problems. The key is that you solve the problem in the shortest amount of time possible. Unfortunately, many students have difficulty either finding a solution for a problem, or, if they do, finding that solution quickly. Part […]

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