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Archive | GRE Algebra

Distance Rate Time Formula Memorization Shortcut

When working on Distance-Rate-Time questions, you will inevitably use one of the following three formulas. 1. Distance = (Rate)(Time) 2. Rate = Distance/Time 3. Time = Distance/Rate Did you know that there’s a quick and easy shortcut for recalling all three formulas? The shortcut is similar to some of the shortcuts you learned in highschool […]

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GRE Math Basics: Inequalities

The inequality sign is far more intimidating than it need be. In many cases, just think of the inequality sign as an equal sign. Which case that is will be described below – along with the instance in which you have to switch the sign. But with a little bit of practice, inequality should be […]

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Strange Symbols in GRE Math Operations

Quite possibly the most intimidating problem on the GRE contains strange symbols: @, #, *, or a black circle often accompany these problems. Many recoil in horror thinking – I’ve never learned that before! (Or perhaps more aptly, what the @#?!) But don’t despair – the symbols are completely arbitrary and are defined on the […]

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Systems of Equations on the GRE

The Power of Elimination How would you solve the system of linear equations below?                    x – y = 5                    2x + y = 13 There are two primary approaches for solving systems of linear equations: 1)   Substitution Method 2)   Elimination Method   The Substitution Method With this method, we take one of the […]

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GRE Work Rate Problems

Work rate problems sometimes cause more anxiety than they need to. First off, work rates aren’t that common. Often, you can take an entire GRE math section without seeing a single work rate problem. Even if you see a work rate problem, by following a simple formula, you should be able to get most of […]

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