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Clemmonsdogpark Brain Twister: Looking for Mr. Right Triangle – Explanation

Before we get started, make sure you remember Monday’s Brain Twister! Question Right triangle DEF has a hypotenuse of less than 7. What is the maximum possible area of DEF, if the area of DEF is an integer? Numeric Entry: [_____________]   Answer and Explanation To maximize the area of a right triangle, we must […]

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Clemmonsdogpark Brain Twister: World Cup Edition

For a very long time, we鈥檝e had Vocab Weds, a weekly vocab post with an accompanying YouTube video. It鈥檚 done quite well, and we have no intention of stopping it. But poor math鈥攊t鈥檚 gotten no such weekly billing. So to redress this oversight, we are going to inaugurate the weekly math 鈥淏rain Twister鈥 question. It […]

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