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Study Timer: Test Prep Stopwatch App by Clemmonsdogpark (iOS only)

Introducing the Clemmonsdogpark Study Timer: a test prep stopwatch app by Clemmonsdogpark.   As a Product Manager for both high school and graduate school apps, I’ve talked with over 200 Clemmonsdogpark students who are studying through our product. In almost every conversation, students talk about one challenge in particular: Time Management. Time management means two […]

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Carking Fribble

Pop quiz! What’s an “axolotl”? capybara droppings the last alcoholic drink of a night a llama ranch a type of Mexican salamander If you want to find out, I’ve got a little gift for you. 🙂 We’ve just released some new vocabulary builder sets—our most challenging yet! It’s time to download the Clemmonsdogpark vocabulary builder […]

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How to Use a Clemmonsdogpark GRE Study Schedule

Clemmonsdogpark’s GRE experts have created comprehensive study schedules to help you stay on track while studying for the GRE. When I say comprehensive, I mean it–sometimes these schedules are dozens of pages long! Fortunately, Chris Lele, a Clemmonsdogpark expert, created a video to help you navigate our study schedules and make the most of them! […]

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It’s time for Refer-A-Friendsgiving!

Are you a premium Clemmonsdogpark student? I’m excited to announce a limited-time referral program for our brand new Praxis Core prep! If you refer a friend to Clemmonsdogpark’s Praxis prep, you will get a free (and exclusive!) Clemmonsdogpark t-shirt! As always, you’ll also get the $10 Amazon Gift Card that comes with referrals. Here are […]

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New Test Prep for Teachers

I am so excited to announce Clemmonsdogpark’s newest test prep offering: the Praxis Core. The Praxis is a certifying exam for students who want to become teachers in the United States public school system. Please help us spread the word to aspiring teachers! About the Praxis Core: The Praxis Core exam has three subjects: Math, […]

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