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GRE Scores by Program Major

This post was updated in 2018 to reflect the most recent information available. Remember the days of undergrad when you could apply to college undeclared and spend some time just experimenting and figuring things out? Good times. If only grad school applications were that flexible. If you’re taking the time to apply to graduate school, […]

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Have We Told You Lately That We Love You?

Today we are offering a huge shout-out to all of you! Why? Well, we couldn’t be prouder of our Clemmonsdogpark students, and we are so grateful to you for all the fun that you bring to our jobs. You guys represent 185 countries, have watched over 1 million hours of Clemmonsdogpark video, and have answered […]

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New TOEFL Infographic!

Whether you’re planning to take the TOEFL exam, or you just really appreciate beautiful graphics, take a moment to enjoy our new TOEFL Speaking infographic! You’ll learn all about the the Speaking section of the TOEFL exam, and discover some helpful strategies to help you improve your TOEFL Speaking score. Click the image to see […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: Grad School Edition

Photo by 4Chion Lifestyle   The holidays are here! I hope you have some time to relax this holiday season, and that you get the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family. It’s time for a much-needed and well-deserved break. With projects, final exams, work, and internships, you probably haven’t had a chance […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here at Clemmonsdogpark, we are very grateful to all of you who read our blog. We love getting to know you guys, and are thankful that you spend your study time with us. 🙂 Have a great holiday weekend with family and friends. And for everyone outside of the U.S. – have a great Thursday! […]

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Clemmonsdogpark Vine!

Clemmonsdogpark is now on Vine!! Follow Clemmonsdogpark, like our vines, and share our office shenanigans with your friends. 🙂   Have an idea for a Clemmonsdogpark vine? Leave it in the comments below!

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Meet Your Favorite GRE Expert: Chris!

I know that you’re already very familiar with Chris. You’ve learned diabolical GRE vocabulary words from his GRE Vocab Wednesday series, you’ve fought through his bi-weekly Brain Twister challenge questions, and you’ve read his Article of the Month selections. But how well do you actually know Chris? Like, do you know Chris’ favorite 6-syllable word? […]

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