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Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence Tips: Catch Word Strategy

Directions: First, watch the introduction video. Then, in each of the following 10 sentences use the blank space to write in two or more possible answers. Pay close attention to the wording and logic of the sentence. Focus on the way in which the sentence provides clues about the relationships between words, phrases, or clauses […]

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GRE Antonyms: The Given Word

The “given word” (an ETS term) and five words (or phrases) are provided as answer choices. You are to choose the word or phrase that is “most nearly opposite in meaning” to “given word.” Clearly, antonym questions test the depth and breadth of your vocabulary. This video reviews an Antonyms question: The given word is […]

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An Introduction to Antonyms on the GRE

Antonyms are words opposite in meaning to one another, like freedom and oppression. The Antonyms questions have appeared on the GRE since 1995, and together with Analogies, Sentence Completion, and Reading Comprehension questions, comprise the current verbal sections of the GRE. Here are the directions that you’ll find on the GRE exam: Each question below […]

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