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Internships: How to make yours resume-worthy

This post is a contribution from our friends at Network As a current college student, the thought of proactively reaching out to seasoned professionals can be daunting. However, so much of professional success isn’t about your credentials or even your experience – it’s who you know. Comb through the profiles of colleagues on LinkedIn […]

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5 More Books to Read Before Grad School

You’re fine-tuning your personal statement, you’re studying for the GRE (hopefully with some help from Clemmonsdogpark), and you’re ticking down the list of boxes on that “grad school prep” checklist. Well, add another to-do to the list – recommended reading. With an eye toward your future of being a grad school taskmaster, we here at […]

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Crush Empire-Clemmonsdogpark Scholarship Program

Crush Empire is a digital media company that focuses on helping students score higher on their exams via study tips and review courses. In this economic climate, however, the cost of courses may be the only thing standing between a student and a higher score. That’s why Crush Empire partnered with Clemmonsdogpark to help alleviate […]

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Student Post: Believe That You Can Ace the GRE!

ABOUT ME. I’m Ogonna Anaekwe from Nigeria. My bachelor’s degree is in economics. I like watching football, the Big Bang Theory, Suits, and Scandal. Also, I never tire of watching 24 (Jack Bauer is awesome). I like watching people dance and sing. (Yeah! I watch a lot, sometimes I over-watch. I can’t wait for the […]

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Student Post: Follow a Study Plan!

About me: My name is Abhishek Thosar. I’m from Mumbai, India, but currently work in another city – Chennai, India. I am a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) – Varanasi, and my undergraduate major was in Mechanical Engineering. I am a fun-loving, super-social guy generally but behave as an introvert at times. I […]

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Student Post: Learn the Time-Saving Methods for the Math Section

About me: I am an older student with a career in information technology. Although I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a fulfilling career, it was a personal goal of mine to finish that degree I didn’t get when I was younger and dumber. Went back to school in my 30s and got my degree in […]

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