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The Vocabulary Builder Workbook is Published!

I’m excited to announce that the has officially been released on !

The book doesn’t just give you 1,400 important words (though you do get that, too!). You also get word histories, along with helpful example sentences and exercises at the end of each chapter.

And because you are seeing how the words work in context, they’ll be more likely to stick.

Vocabulary Builder Workbook-magoosh

For the ultimate vocabulary one-two combo, many of the words in the Vocabulary Builder Workbook appear in my popular YouTube vocabulary series, better known as . All you have to do is type in the vocabulary word and “Youtube GRE Vocab Wednesday” into Google and the video will come up. For instance, if the word is “reticent,” you’d type reticent Youtube GRE Vocab Wednesday and you’ll get me describing the word in real time.

So whether you need to learn these words for a test, hope to improve your writing, or simply become a sharper thinker, .

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