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GRE Diagnostic Quizzes

Need a quick “diagnosis” of your GRE level? Try the Clemmonsdogpark GRE Diagnostic Quizzes to determine your current abilities in both Quant and Verbal. You should allow yourself 17 minutes for the Quant Diagnostic and 15 minutes for the Verbal Diagnostic. (For a full-length practice test, check out Clemmonsdogpark’s GRE Diagnostic Test!)

GRE Diagnostic Quizzes: What You Need to Know

To take these Diagnostics, it’s best that you already be familiar with GRE basic question formats. In Quant, you’ll see Problem Solving questions (multiple choice), Numeric Entry (you enter your own answer), Quantitative Comparison (determining which quantity of two is bigger), and Multiple Answer (more than one multiple-choice answer can be correct.)

Verbal also has some questions that will look familiar (Reading Comprehension), but the way it tests logic, Sentence Equivalence, and Text Completions are pretty unique. Getting familiar with these question formats before you take the GRE Diagnostic quiz will help you determine your actual current ability level.

You can read about the formats of both sections on this blog or in the GRE Official Guide.

Take the GRE Diagnostics!

Ready to go? Here they are!

The Clemmonsdogpark GRE Diagnostic: Quantitative

The Clemmonsdogpark GRE Diagnostic: Verbal

Done! What Next?

Once you have taken each Diagnostic, you will see your score on-screen, and you will also get an email with your score and recommendations for next steps. No matter what, don’t be discouraged if the Diagnostics challenge you: the GRE is supposed to be hard! And remember: no matter where you start, Clemmonsdogpark can help!


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