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How to Use a Clemmonsdogpark GRE Study Schedule

Clemmonsdogpark’s GRE experts have created comprehensive study schedules to help you stay on track while studying for the GRE.

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When I say comprehensive, I mean it–sometimes these schedules are dozens of pages long! Fortunately, Chris Lele, a Clemmonsdogpark expert, created a video to help you navigate our study schedules and make the most of them!

Check out this video from Chris!

In the video, Chris explains how to choose a study schedule to fit your GRE prep timeline and what to expect from each plan. He also gives some insight on the reasoning behind the design of our study schedules. What’s the deal with mixed practice, mock tests, and supplementary reading? Watch to find out why all three are crucial to your prep. Lastly, he gives some tips on how to tailor study plans to your busy life. Press play and jump start your studying!

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