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GRE Prep App for Android and iPhone from Clemmonsdogpark

Clemmonsdogpark has a free study app that gives you access to blog posts, study guides, practice questions, and video lessons, all from your phone. It’s great for studying while commuting, traveling, standing in line, or otherwise on-the-go.

Price: Free*
Category: Education
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* If you already have a free trial account or a paid premium account, you can use your existing credentials (email and password) to log in to the app. Free trial users will be able to access 40 questions and 70 lessons. Premium users will be able to access all 1000+ practice questions and 200+ lessons.

GRE Prep App Features:

  1. Articles to get you started and keep you motivated (AVAILABLE OFFLINE!)
  2. Study guides for different lengths of study and areas of concentration (AVAILABLE OFFLINE!)
  3. Complementary resources, including access to our expert tutor team
  4. Practice questions that you can do on the go
  5. Video lessons of every concept covered on the GRE
  6. Progress tracking in each video you watch and each exam section
  7. Total minutes per category to help you budget your time

Learn More about the GRE Prep App

Get to know the GRE
  • Browse top articles
  • Learn how to manage and plan your studying online
  • Select a study guide based on the time you have until your test
  • Watch videos about the GRE to get started
  • Review other resources Clemmonsdogpark has available for you including:
    1. The Vocabulary Builder app
    2. Full-length practice tests
    3. Expert tutors who are available anytime via email

Prep App Home page


Practice Questions & Watch Lessons
  • Jump over to the Study tab to practice questions for Math and Verbal
  • Watch 7 hours of video lessons for Math, Verbal, and Writing
  • Browse videos by category to quickly find what you need

Prep App Study Page


Track your progress
  • Once you have watched a video lesson, the video icon will fill in with your progress.
  • If you mark a lesson as “I understand this!” then the video will be checked off.
  • After you have watched and/or completed lessons in each category, the whole category will be checked as completed. Congrats!

GRE Prep App Study Section Page

Get the most from the GRE Prep App

    • We encourage students to start with a few practice questions to learn about their strengths and weaknesses.
    • Always read the text explanation and watch the video explanation for each answer, even if you got the question right. They will give you tips and tricks to approach problems more strategically.
    • Next, fill in your knowledge gaps by watching the relevant video lessons.

Then go back and do more practice problems to solidify what you have just learned.


Q: If I purchase a GRE premium account online, what content will I see on the mobile app?
When you purchase GRE Premium you gain access to all 1000+ practice questions, and 200+ Video lessons that will populate in the mobile app. Free users can view a selected sample of questions and lessons through the mobile app.

Q: Are the practice questions I see in the app the same as the questions I see on my online account?
Yes! Access your practice questions either online or on mobile.

Q: How is my progress measured?
We measure your progress by the number of videos you fully watch or mark as “I understand.” Watching part of a video will increase your progress only fractionally.

Q: How do I change the video speed? (iOS only!)
You can change the video speed in your Profile tab under “Videos > Playback Speed.” Tap the title to change the speed by 0.25x increments.

Q: I have some questions — how do I get in touch with Clemmonsdogpark?
We love questions. You can us directly through the app. Go to the Profile tab and tap on “Clemmonsdogpark > Have a question? Email us!” We are happy to hear from you.

Have other questions? Leave us a comment below.

Happy studying 🙂

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