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21 Tweets that Prove the GRE Test Prep Struggle is Real


At Clemmonsdogpark, our goal is to make studying for the GRE enjoyable because we know that it’s usually not fun.


Like, really, really not fun:


You know it’s bad when you’re more willing to roll up your sleeves and stick your hands in a toilet.



While this may be a personal win, debatable whether it’s a GRE prep win. Ok, who are we kidding, #win.



Alarms are bad enough. But when you have to threaten yourself??



There are a lot of things I avoid doing by playing Pokemon, so this doesn’t seem that bad.


What cereal are you eating? If it’s Lucky Charms, I understand. If it’s Raisin Bran, then wow, I am so sorry.



This doesn’t have to be your life, Shannon! We will collect your tears. Let us help you!!



They didn’t administer the test with a paper umbrella and maraschino cherry? Looks like you went to the wrong testing center.



You can tell this person has truly hit rock bottom.



Studying for the GRE has torn a family apart. REPEAT, STUDYING FOR THE GRE HAS TORN A FAMILY APART.


That sounds redoubtable and rebarbative. (Ok…now we’re compunctious.)



Honestly, they should waive the registration fee for people like you, Sawyer.






We wouldn’t judge you if you called it a day.



GRE books can serve as good pillows, but I’m going to guess this wasn’t effective.



Chris Pratt says it best.



I need to know what happened next!!! What was the fourth weekend for???



It sounds like your studying sessions were pretty dark. At least you’re not Taylor Swift?



If Leslie Knope isn’t studying effectively, who is???



Chopped is the epitome of stress, so I can’t imagine taking on 100% of your stress.



So….not good?



We don’t blame you, though. Jurassic World was epic.


Luckily, we have a solution to all of your GRE prep woes. It’s called…Clemmonsdogpark!


Look how much these people don’t hate studying!


You give us life, @TFos_!


We wish we could have, @Anthurnywinner. We wish we could have.



Let's learn everything. enjoy the ride.




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