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What does the GRE exam look like?

It’s not pretty

“No surprises test day” makes for a good mantra. Each day you study, doing your best to make sure the test doesn’t contain any unpleasant surprises, and that you know as much information as possible to do your best.

Though many subscribe to this exact mentality, they are often surprised test-day by some unsavory pixels. In other words, they prepped solely in books — or maybe even using Clemmonsdogpark, with it’s nice glossy, easy-on-the-eyes interface — only to be flustered by the grainy looking and anything-but-easy-on-the-eyes interface of the actual GRE test.

One easy way to protect against this happening is to prep using the . Of course, not everyone gets around to purchasing the Official Guide or downloading the software, so I’ve taken some screenshots of the PowerPrep Test, which is exactly the same, pixel for ugly pixel, as the actual GRE.

Here’s how the GRE actually looks:


Text Completion:

Text Completion:

Reading Comprehension:


Quantitative Comparison:

Multiple Answer:

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