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GRE VoCATulary Quiz

Hello Clemmonsdogparkers! As you all know, the GRE is a Computer Adaptive Test, so what better way to study GRE vocabulary than with CAT vocabulary?

Below is a list of GRE vocabulary words. Match them up with the most appropriate cat photo (each word corresponds with only one photo each), and comment with your answers below! We’ll be updating the post with the correct answers in a few days, but we are open to various interpretations/arguments of/about the photos 🙂

If you don’t know what some of the words mean, now would be a great time to look them up and learn! 😉 We recommend !

1. diabolical
2. erudite
3. blinkered
4. sartorial
5. histrionic
6. hirsute
7. lackadaisical
8. pundit
9. aghast
10. imbibe


Good luck!

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